Does your deodorant actually work?

Throughout the testing process, we had women in many locations, climates & humidity levels within Australia use our product.

This process went on for many many months. Refining the recipes to ensure this beautiful deodorant works with confidence.

How do I know that it really works? My bathroom is full of natural deodorants that sort of work.

We completely understand! Actually, we can completely relate.

We always thought that it would have to be a choice between deodorant actually ‘working’ or going natural ‘& keeping our fingers crossed’

Does your deodorant contain any of the following: aluminium, parabens, toxic chemicals, bi-carb, synthetic chemicals?

Absolutely not.

Both of our deodorants are free from all of the above.

Do you test on animals?

Absolutely not.

All of our products are tested on beautiful humans.

Are your products really made in Melbourne, Australia?

Absolutely. We feel passionately about keeping production here in Melbourne, Australia.

Every single product is made with love & care.

Is your deodorant an anti-perspirant?

No. We don’t use aluminium or bi-carb.

Bi-carb often irritates sensitive skin.

Aluminium blocks the pores. Therefore our deodorant allows the skin to breathe. This is much healthier. Actually this is how we are designed!

The carefully refined recipes are designed to absorb odour.

Your body will thank you for not blocking up your sweat glands.

Will I detox, changing from a traditional deodorant to our Breast Care or Young Woman Deodorants?

Some woman did find slight changes to their body sweat as their bodies adjusted. However the absolute majority was fine to change over.

If you are concerned, test on a day you are at home.

Can I use your deodorants if I am pregnant?

Both deodorants include peppermint essential oil in them.

When pregnant or feeding it is advised not to use peppermint oil.

However check with your physician.

Do I roll the Breast Care Deodorant over my breasts?

You can. However it has been designed to be used as a deodorant.

The core benefit is that aluminium (& other nasties) wont be seeping into your lymph glands & breast tissue.

We have also included ingredients to support the breast tissue & lymph glands.

How long does that little bottle of deodorant last?

With ‘normal’ usage. (once a day) most women get 2 -3 months out of the 10 ml roller.

As the ingredients are oil based, a little goes a long way. It spreads easily under the arm. So you don’t need much.

It is concentrated.

Why are the Parfume Oils special?

The Parfume Oils are highly concentrated. So, a little goes a long way.

I find that people are still stopping me to tell me that they love my Parfume scent, at the end of the day!


What is your shipping policy?


FREE standard shipping on Australian orders $55 & above

All orders under $55, flat rate of $6.50 freight

All prices are in AUD

Please allow 1-2 days for your order to be dispatched from our Melbourne head office. You will receive an email confirmation to let you know that your order has been dispatched. You will also receive a tracking number, so that you can feel confident your beautiful parcel is on it’s way!

Domestic shipping (within Australia) generally takes 3-4 days. However this can depend on your area.

Please ensure that you write the correct details in your shipping address.


Please allow 1-2 business days for packing.

New Zealand - AUD$15

Standard shipping. Allow 5 business days

China - AUD$21

Standard shipping. Allow 8 business days

USA - AUS$22

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UK - AUD$27

Standard shipping. Allow 6 business days


If your country isn’t included please ask & we will calculate shipping for you x


Products sold through a stockist need to be returned to them. Each store will have their own return policy.

Every care is gone into ensuring your product is clearly described. Packed properly. Made with love & care.

If you have a problem, please feel free to get in touch & we will do our utmost to resolve the situation.

How do I order wholesale?

If you would like to stock Intuitive Whispers products. Please contact us at abundance@intuitivewhispers.com.au

Any other questions?

Feel free to email on abundance@intuitivewhispers.com.au